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Name: Ms. Sue Liang
            (Sales manager)

Tel: +86-760-22111963

Fax: +86-760-22250088

Mobile: +86-18022008776

QQ:  2926339558


Address: Life Square Liexiyi HuanZhen Road(West) Xiaolan Town Zhongshan City Guangdong Province, China


Name: Mr. Huang Ronghan 
            (General manager)

Tel: +86-760-22251188

Fax: +86-760-22250088

Mobile: +86-13326917802

Mobile: +86-13809687802

City: Zhongshan City

Province/State: Guangdong

Country/Region: China

Zip Code: 528415



Metal clip C03
Metal clip C03
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Metal clip C03

Benefit DescriptionQuality assurance, delivery time, large price advantages.

      Metal spring clip lamp clip, die-cast aluminum folder, folder camera, LED lamp clip as one of the important parts of the Wing-hung lighting accessories. Its easy mobility and at any time fixed, the style mainstream beautiful, has been an important part of the high-grade indoor clip lamp, and greatly Lighting manufacturers and consumers praise, metal spring clip, table lamp clip, die-cast aluminum folder, camera clip, LED The lamp clip digital and electronics industries also widely used. Yung developed metal spring clip, clip of table lamps, die-cast aluminum folder, camera clips, LED lights for customers to develop products with more than 10 models and regular size folder can also be modified according to customer requirements of reasonable length. Metal spring clip in Division I, table lamp clip, die-cast aluminum folder, folder camera, LED lights clip due to high quality, customer agreed for the development of upscale clip desk lamp products, camera folder, fixed with photography / camera equipment, and metal spring clip, table lamp clip, die-cast aluminum clip, the camera folder folder related products, LED lights. And well received by the market praise!
     Metal spring clip, table lamp clip, die-cast aluminum clip camera clip LED lamp clip Surface Treatment usually smoky, the spray flash of silver and a variety of plating processing, such as chrome, nickel-plated.




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